Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hundreds of women, one man, a few tears and much laughter must mean it’s Starlight Walk time again. Starting from Watford’s Colosseum tomorrow night (Saturday 23 June) at 10pm, over 1300 Walkers will be taking part in our flagship fundraising event.

Hundreds of women, one man, a few tears and much laughter must mean it’s Starlight Walk time again. Starting from Watford’s Colosseum tomorrow night (Saturday 23 June) at 10pm, over 1300 Walkers will be taking part in our flagship fundraising event.
This year’s fundraising goal is £150,000, with 80 pence in every pound raised going directly to fund the free services provided by the Hospice, for local people.
Paul Gauntlett, Peace Hospice Director of Fundraising and Communications reiterated: ‘We must raise £3.8 million this year to continue our work. We are grateful to all those who are walking, marshalling and volunteering on the night and also those who demonstrate their support by donating to the Hospice. It’s going to be a magical night.’
Hospice Event Manager Nicky Maxwell-Braithwaite added: ‘It’s still not too late to get involved. You can register to take part in the Walk on the night or make a donation either through individual Walkers or direct to the Hospice at’
Who’s supporting Starlight Walk 2012?
First reported in April, local girl Kirsty Lewis had lost six stone in weight since taking part in the last Starlight Walk, something she pledged to do in memory of her granddad Rex Dorey. Since then Kirsty has reached her target goal of losing seven stone and been proposed to by fiancé Oliver at the Eiffel Tower. Happily, she said oui!
Thirteen year old cousin Lucy Dorey, was so inspired by Kirsty’s determination to raise money for the Hospice she featured her in a school project and presentation. Kirsty said: ‘The topic was ‘someone who inspires you’. I was very touched Lucy chose to talk about me and am proud to say that she will be walking with me tomorrow night.’
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Gems TV presenters Lynn Jinks and Angeline Davies have been busy bringing the Starlight message to a national audience via Sky Channel 652. Angeline, who grew up locally and friend and colleague Lynn, donned their Starlight t-shirts and promoted the event live on air.
Heart-warmingly, there was an immediate response from fans and well-wishers. Angeline said: ‘We had already had lots of ‘good for yous’ from family and friends for taking part in the Walk but to see viewers making online donations following our broadcast was really encouraging.’
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Battling for the title of largest team this year were the Super Stars from John Lewis Watford and the Rood Mums from Holy Rood Catholic Primary School. The Super Stars initially took the lead reaching an impressive total of 25 Walkers but the Rood Mums eventually overtook them, hitting a record-breaking total of 44 Walkers in their team.
Getting 44 mums together for training has proved tricky but a walk held every Monday morning after school drop off certainly helped. Taking Paddy the dog along kept the team motivated and the mischievous team mascot has since earned himself the nickname ‘Paddy Power’.
Team Leader Mary D’Souza said: ‘The Rood Mums photo shoot created a real buzz around the school community and we have all met mums, who we might not otherwise have met, through taking part in the Starlight Walk.’
John Lewis Community Liaison Co-ordinator Pearl Robson said; "It was great to hear we held the largest team title, even for a few weeks, but really we just want to support the Peace Hospice and do our bit to help hit the £150,000 fundraising target. There will probably be some friendly banter with the Rood Mums on the night though!’
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Last year’s top fundraising team the Bushey Babes have been training regularly while wearing their Olympic inspired Starlight Walk t-shirts. Team leader Ilana Rinkoff said; ‘We are often stopped and asked about the Walk and the Peace Hospice. We have raised nearly £1400 so far this year with the help of our friends, family and work colleagues and almost £9000 in the three years we have been taking part.’
Team social secretary Louise Marks added: ‘After the Bushey Babes appeared in local press, we became famous overnight! Supporters offered to sponsor us before we had started our own publicity campaign and others have asked how they can get involved. We even linked the articles to our Facebook page which then reached an audience all around the world.’
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Radlett resident Linda Godman is still off the coffee mornings and walking with friends instead. Linda explained: ‘I did lots of walking in March, when the weather was nice, with my friend Beata Green and her tireless dog, Sunny and saw parts of the Hertfordshire countryside I had never seen before. The arrival of the wettest drought in history did put the ‘dampers’ on the walking for a while though.’
Linda found that lots of local people had seen the ‘My Radlett News’ article she featured in and offered to sponsor her. ‘It has meant I can ask people I don’t know quite so well, and who I would not normally have approached.’ Linda added. ‘And it’s all pennies in the pot for the Peace Hospice, at the end of the day.’
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Soon-to-be fifteen year old Robbie Chisholm, shot to fame recently as our first ever male Walker. Three generations of the Chisholm family are taking part tomorrow night, sharing the responsibility of pushing Grandma Jill along the six mile, wheelchair friendly route.
Robbie says he was embarrassed by the sudden media attention and was happy once the fuss settled down. Could it be any more embarrassing than having over 1300 women sing happy birthday to you though Robbie? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night!
There will be one ‘noticeable absence’ tomorrow, namely Granddad Jack Chisholm, who sadly passed away in May. The Chisholm family will be walking, and raising money, in Jack’s memory. To support the Chisholm’s visit