Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A new delivery and collection service is now available for furniture items at our South Oxhey charity shop. The new service is available for anyone wanting to donate unwanted quality furniture items to the charity shop or for anyone who needs delivery of a furniture item that they’ve bought at the South Oxhey shop.

 Shops Director Steve Rose said ‘Our South Oxhey shop has gone from strength to strength and we are now selling lots of good quality furniture items. Our customers are picking up some great bargains and we have now extended our service to deliver furniture for a small fee.

Acquiring our new van has also meant that we are able to collect high standard unwanted furniture items from people’s homes at no cost and a person donating a furniture item also gets the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting their local charity. We only collect furniture items that are of a high standard and our shop staff are able to give more information about this’.

Corporate Development Manager Maggie Grand said ‘I am delighted with the acquisition of our new van as it has opened up so many extra opportunities for us. I am particularly grateful to Total UK Limited for agreeing to supply us with all of our fuel costs’.

The Peace Hospice provides specialist palliative care for people from across South West Hertfordshire with cancer or other terminal illness. The care that the Hospice provides is holistic and looks after the whole person, and their family/carers, helping with emotional and spiritual issues as well as physical symptoms. The Peace Hospice focuses on enabling patients to live their lives to the full and providing the best quality of life when a cure is not possible.

It costs £3.1m a year to provide these services and over 75% of this is supported through charitable donations. All the care that the Hospice provides to its patients is free.

The Peace Hospice South Oxhey Shop is located at 9 St Andrews Road. If you have any furniture items that you would like to donate to our shop, please contact the South Oxhey Shop on 0208 4201525.